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Publications, Forms, and other resources of interest to Arrowmen, chapters, lodges, and sections can be found in this section. Use the links below to find the resources needed.


The Order of the Arrow has several publications available to help Arrowmen in carrying out the OA program.


The Order of the Arrow has several forms used in carrying out the OA program. Some of these forms (such as the Vigil Nomination Petition form, the Founder's Award Petition form and others) are only available as part of the Lodge Program Support Pak, which is sent to lodges with their charter each year. Others are available online at this web site.


Electronic resources of the Order of the Arrow brand including the OA Logo.

Unit, Chapter, & Lodge Support

Resources dedicated to the support of Unit, Chapter, and Lodge programs. These resources are continually updated for advisers and youth leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on the Order of the Arrow programs and policies.

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Official web sites with information of interest to Arrowmen.