Photo Submission

Welcome to the photo submission portal. We’d like to thank you for sharing your photographs with the Order of the Arrow. The photographs you select to share may be used in various publications distributed by the Order of the Arrow.

How to submit photos:
Using the form below, we ask that you limit each submission to one event or similar activity relative to date and location. The form allows you to select as many photos as you’d like. Please do not make a new submission for each photograph. 

When describing the category of this submission, please select one that best fits this group of photos. In the “Additional Event Information” space, add information such as where the event is taking place and the lodge, section, or region that is participating.

The license agreement portion of the form is to verify that the photos are yours and that you’re giving us the rights to use these photos under Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International. To agree to the statement provide in the form, use your mouse cursor to sign your legal name.

Not all photos you submit will be used in publication or archival.

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