Legacy Project 2015


  • 2012 Lodge Rock
    Your lodge will select a rock from your home council's territory or council camp and it will be placed on display at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference.

    Click here for the Rock Instructions

    Every lodge is invited to participate in Legacy Project 2015. If your lodge didn’t make it to NOAC 2012 or didn’t receive a crate, don't worry. Refer to this guide (PDF) on how to construct a Centennial Crate.

    2012 Milestone FAQ

    It's not too late to participate! Lodge's can order a rock using this form.
    Click here to see if your lodge rock has been received.

    Lodges who want to purchase a rock for a lodge no longer in existence may do so using this form. The rocks from merged/non active lodges will be displayed together at NOAC in a special display.

    Review the list of rocks submitted for lodges no longer in existence.

    All rock submissions via the monument company must be sent in no later than March 15th, 2015. Those lodges submitting rocks directly to Ray Capp can submit up until April 15th, 2015.

  • 2013 Legacy Lid
    Your lodge will paint the inside of this crate's lid to represent your lodge and its legacy in the Order. Lids will be captured digitally and become part of the NOAC 2015 celebrations.

    Click here for Legacy Lid information

  • 2014 History Book
    Your lodge will prepare a written history. This book, along with lodge artifacts will become a part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations.

    Lodge History Book Instructions (8 Mbyte PDF)

  • 2015 Centennial Fire
    The crate itself will be filled with firewood from your local area and brought to NOAC 2015.The wood from each lodge will be burned in a ceremonial fire, with each lodge returning home with a vial of ash.
    Concerns about firewood are addressed in this Ask the Chairman article.

Click here for the Milestones in PDF Format

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