Section Sentinel: What to Expect in 2015: A Centennial Overview

By Eric Summerlin

Several updates have been circulated by the Order of the Arrow to keep members informed of what our organization is doing to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2015. With so many articles, e-news blasts and social media posts going out in a short window of time, here is a review of what you can expect to see in the next year and beyond.

On July 16th the OA launched the Arrowman Service Award (ASA). Similar to past anniversaries, members who complete this award’s requirements will earn a commemorative patch to wear on their OA sash. The requirements include elements of Scouting service, personal growth and participation in centennial events. Arrowmen have until December 31st of next year to complete the ASA requirements.

In the summer of 2015, each region will be sending an ArrowTour delegation to council camps and Scouting events around the nation. Arrowmen will bring our national centennial experience to Scouts and communities throughout the country, providing them with opportunities to reflect and connect with the Order’s past century of service, and to look forward to the next. At the end of the summer, all four ArrowTour teams will meet at the National Order of the Arrow Conference. 500 boarding passes have been distributed around the country to promote this element of the anniversary celebration. If you find someone with a boarding pass, you can use its QR code to learn more about the effort and to be entered into drawings for special prizes before passing it along to another Arrowman.

Registration for the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference goes live on August 1st! Each council may send as many Arrowman as they approve in its lodge’s NOAC contingent. A non-refundable deposit of $100 per participant will be billed to the council after completing an online contingent reservation. Arrowmen are also encouraged to consider serving on Conference staff. Similarly, the 2015 NOAC promotional patch was recently released. In celebration of the OA’s 100th anniversary, the Boy Scouts of America has authorized Arrowmen to wear this promotion patch in the place of a national jamboree patch - just above the right chest pocket. Contingent members will receive the patch from the lodge staff adviser; staff members will receive one in the mail. You can contact your lodge chief and lodge adviser for information specific to your lodge’s NOAC contingent.

Other centennial programs and resources include:

  • Vigil Cards: 100th anniversary cards for Vigil Honor members are available for current Vigil members and those who receive the Vigil Honor in 2015. The cost is $10.
  • 2014 Conclave Training Initiative: A conclave training has been developed which contains details about centennial awards, programs and challenges.
  • Legacy Project 2015: These yearly milestones will prepare Arrowmen for the 100th anniversary through commemorative events they can begin working on now.
  • Lodge History Books: Tools have been developed to help lodges find resources for lodge history book projects. Each submitted history book will be added to an archive for Arrowmen to view at NOAC and in the future.
  • Centennial Anniversary Branding Guidelines: A resource has been created to guide the utilization of the centennial logo, theme and totem. Ray Capp recently answered questions regarding use of the centennial totem.
  • Centennial Challenge: Challenges have been established to help lodges bring as many of their members to the 2015 NOAC as possible.
  • 100th Anniversary Directory: The OA has partnered with Publishing Concepts to put together the Centennial Anniversary Arrowman Directory.
  • Centennial Cache: The 100th anniversary commemoration committee is working on a comprehensive set of resources for chapters, lodges and sections to utilize as they formulate and promote their 100th anniversary plans. Look for it this fall.
  • Centurion Award: Modeled after the BSA’s Leadership Hall of Fame, lodges will have the opportunity to recognize exemplars of servant leadership from past to present. The selection period will run from October 2014 to February 2015. Details will be provided as the selection period nears.

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