News You Can Use: Lodge History Series: Kanwa tho

By Forrest Gertin

Mascoutens Lodge, founded in 1971, with the consolidation of Ohdakota Lodge and Chippecotten Lodge, left a legacy of astounding cheerful service. Although Mascoutens translates to "Little People of the Prairie," its contributions to  Southeast Wisconsin Council's camps were by no means small. From a dining pavilion to a boathouse, the lodge raised over $36,000 for special projects around the camp. Mascoutens' final effort raised $14,489 to support a low COPE course at the Robert S. Lyle Scout Reservation to help develop the leadership skills and teamwork of Scouts at camp.  

Kanwa tho not only draws from Mascoutens' history of service, but also from the example of Mikano Lodge's past officers. One of these distinguished Arrowmen is Captain Jim Lovell. Lovell, an astronaut and Eagle Scout, is best known as the commander of the Apollo 13 mission. Drawing from his Scouting background, Lovell led his crew safely back to Earth after a life-threatening malfunction made it necessary to abort the mission. However, in 1968, he also commanded the first flight to orbit the moon. Lovell took a Mikano Lodge flap, depicting the lodge totem, a turtle, along with him on this historic flight. He then gave the flap to Donald Pountain, who serves as lodge chief, and it was subsequently donated to the Boy Scouts of America National Museum.  

Today as its members combine both service and talent, Kanwa tho's history continues to influence its progress into the second century of the Order of the Arrow. Joshua Hunt, a past section chief, has combined his passions for art and the Order in a special project to commemorate the OA's centennial anniversary.  The project, commissioned by the Boy Scouts of America, captures the story behind the founding of the OA in a series of contemporary drawings that showcase the progression of influential events in the early years of the Order of the Arrow. Josh's work, entitled "Order of the Arrow Timeline Drawings," can be found here.  

Founded upon individual talents, the remarkable achievements of Kanwa tho Lodge's past provides its members with the motivation to continue leaving a legacy of cheerful service as the OA journeys into its second century.

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