National OA Leadership

The national chief and vice chief are Arrowmen elected to one-year terms by the section chiefs during the annual national planning meeting. They serve as members of the national Order of the Arrow committee, providing the opinion of youth Arrowmen on national OA policy. They also serve as the presiding officers for the national OA event. They are advised in their responsibilities by the national OA committee chairman and the Order of the Arrow team leader. The professional adviser is the Order of the Arrow team specialist, a national professional Scouter.

National Chief - Alex Call

Alex is from South Texas Council in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member from Karankawa Lodge. He has served as the SR 2-3S section chief and will serve as the 2015 National Chief of the Order of the Arrow. As a dedicated Arrowman, Alex has served in numerous capacities at the 2012 NOAC, the 2013 Jamboree and was instrumental with the centennial anniversary roll out. Alex studies marketing at the University of Texas at Austin.  Some fun facts about Alex are his favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip and his favorite drink is iced tea.

National Vice Chief - Donnie Stephens

Donnie is from Northeastern Pennsylvania Council in Moosic, PA.  He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Lowwapaneu Lodge.  He is currently an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 232. Donnie has served as section chief and section vice chief for Section NE-5B. He has received the Founder’s Award, Venturing Leadership Award and the James E. West Fellowship Award. He is studying economics at the College of the Holy Cross. Fun fact, Donnie has competed in three national speech and debate tournaments.

National OA Committee Chairman - Ray Capp

Ray is a Vigil Honor member of the Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge of the Middle Tennessee Council. He lives in Nashville, TN where he enjoys woodworking, hiking, sculpting and nature photography. He joined Scouting at age seven so that his cousin could get a patch for recruiting him. Ray was hooked on camping and the unique balance of teamwork and self-reliance that it offers. As a Boy Scout, Ray joined the Order of the Arrow due to his love of the outdoors and getting dirty. After hearing a group of older Scouts brag about how dirty their sashes got after an OA event, Ray knew that he wanted to join. Ray has held a variety of leadership positions in his Scouting career, including patrol leader, Scoutmaster and lodge adviser. In addition to being the chairman of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, Ray is also on a multitude of other Scouting committees including: youth protection, outdoor adventure and marketing. His favorite part of being the national chairman is the opportunity to watch the national officers grow as leaders every year. As the chairman, Ray hopes to promote the idea of focusing on programs for the unit, chapter and lodge. Of all the awards Ray has received over his time in Scouting, he is by far the most proud of his two Eagle Scout Dad pins he received from his sons. When not involved in Scouting, Ray is the chief executive officer and chairman of the Conduit Corporation.

National OA Director - Matt Dukeman

Matt Dukeman is originally from Eureka, California, and is from Orca Lodge of the Redwood Empire Council. Matt held a number of positions as a youth, including chapter, lodge and section chief. He also served as the director for the OA Trail Crew program in 2003. His goals as the OA Associate Director are to increase both high adventure involvement and participation in the OA endowment to help provide better program for our youth.

One of his favorite memories was participating in OA Trail Crew, which he describes as a defining experience as well as the source of his faith in the OA high adventure program. Matt’s father, an Eagle Scout, originally got him involved as a youth and stayed active after earning his Eagle Scout Award. Outside of Scouting, Matt and his wife Molly stay busy with their three young kids: Kinley, Walker and Cole.

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