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We will strengthen our focus on the symbolism of the Arrow, as related to the individual and to leadership, so eloquently articulated in the Ordeal ceremony.  [...] We will develop a new logo, focused on the arrow rather than the Indian. [...] It will be contemporary and have several variations, including one specifically conveying the tagline: "Order of the Arrow: Scouting's National Honor Society."

              - the Order of the Arrow Strategic Plan


OA Marks and Logos Usage

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Below you will find several versions of the official OA Logo, and the approved variations.   The versions are available in different formats, sizes, and color content.  To download the images, right click on the appropriate link and select Save Target As... or Save Link As..., then save the file to your computer. You can download an individual image, or a zip file containing a group of related images.


Official Logo

OA / Boy Scouts of America



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